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My Kickstarter needs a kick! European Jazz Band Update!

Hello Friends and Music Lovers! It’s high time I put out a new record, and my best intended plans for recording with the Birds fell apart, as plans often do. But not to fret! With each closing door there is, at least one more opening up, making opportunities that may be better in any length of run. I’ve assembled a superband of professionals with integrity and kind hearts, and I’m calling them The New Movement Jazz Band. My vision for this ensemble is to create music for dancing and dreaming that will take the participant to new heights. An expressive, all inclusive, revolution on and off the dance floor. BUT! I need your help. There are expenses to pay to do it right, and I am a one woman entity. I’ve started a Kickstarter in hopes that our community will help me provide the resources necessary to bring my joyful vision to the world. It can be found here…..https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meschiya/meschiya-lake-and-the-new-movement-jazz-band?ref=project_build#

Thanks for taking the time to check in! Please share! I’ll see y’all out there!